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Our products offer a range of formats and flavours that suit your snacking needs. Whether you’re taking a walk in the park, sending your little ones to school, or packing for a camping trip, there’s a Nature Valley product for you.

Nature Valley Crispy Creamy Wafer Bars, Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor

Wafer Bars

New Wafer Bars! Enjoy our crispy wafer filled with creamy peanut butter, and topped with crunchy nuts. Indulge in this delicious snack.

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Sweet & Salty

A little bit sweet & a little bit salty. A delicious snack bar to satisfy all your cravings.

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A box of Nature Valley Oats 'n' Honey Crunchy Granola Bars


Perfect for when crunch time hits! This crunchy bar combines delicious whole grain oats for a wholesome snack that’s great on the go.

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Peanut Free and bursting with flavor. The perfect school-safe snack for your little one!

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A box of Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bars

Trail Mix

The natural goodness of granola, fruit & nuts in a delicious chewy bar.

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A box of Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chewy Protein Granola Bars

Protein Bars

Pump up with protein. 10-15g of protein and the delicious taste of roasted nuts to power you through your next challenge.

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A box of Nature Valley Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Cups

Granola Cups

New! Creamy, rich, and crunchy. Indulge in our crisp granola cups filled with creamy nut butter and topped with nuts.

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Nature Valley Biscuits in Peanut Butter


Biscuit boost! Two crispy whole grain oat biscuits filled with creamy nut butter.

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So many ways to enjoy the goodness of granola! Add milk for a delicious and satisfying breakfast, try it as a topper on yogurt, oatmeal and salads, or enjoy as an on-the-go snack.

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Nature Valley Packed


New Packed Energy Bars! Enjoy a bar that harnesses the power of earth’s tastiest ingredients to deliver energy that keeps you moving forward and tastes great too.

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